Tools for Collaboration


Type with Me .

This is a brilliant tool to let lets of people work on a document VERY simply. It would be great for a brainstorm or lots of other things in real time.It’s very smple to use, just open a new page and send the links to your collaborators. You can workl n the same document and run a chat along side.Check out this tutorial for some very simple instructions

Pirate Pad

A great alternatiuve to Typewith me. all the same features and a few more- highly recommended


Scriblink is very similar to Type With Me and has all of the same facilites with a bit more. If you are on the lookout for things to use for maths then this is the collaborative tool for you because you can add symbols, lines, shapes and grid lines. No tutorial but it is pretty self explanitory and here is a link to the instructions and FAQ’s

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 3.13.56 pm Todaysmeet – Imagine having all the benefits of Twitter in a controlled
environment. Imagine no longer! Todaysmeet gives you an individual, safe room to interact with students for a variety of collaborative and innovative uses,  no registration or login passwords. Set up a room and ‘meet’ with your students today!


“Mind 42”

Mind42 is a online collaborative mind mapping tool with lots of possibilities


WallWisher  is amazing!  Imagine on line sticky notes that you could use collaboratively…that’s WallWisher a great tool for working collabroatively or planning. See how it works – here is a tutorial to help

Notaland is Nota is a great collaborative tool to create, share and collaborate on just about anything you can think of. Pesentations can include text, video, maps, clip art, and photos.There is a good tutorial at the site or you could check out this one for ways to use it in education at Youtube


Boxify me is a great little tool for sharing files and documents. No need to sign up all you need to do is log on and create a new “box” this gives you a private url that you can share. Then you and your collaborators can upload and download from the box. So eeasy and so many possibilities.

Join Me

This tool enables you to share a screen and is a bit like Skype except that you download it to your computer.You can work on documents, video coference etc Ask others to loin via email or by sending them a code. A great, easy to use tool.

 Google Docs


Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 10.38.23 amParticiPoll 

This site allows you to put interactive polls into a PowerPoint presentation. Participant can access it via any internet connected device and the results are displayed within the presentation – pretty cool way to get formative feedback.

Check out this video for more information about ParticiPoll.


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