There are so many great reasons to create a blog or a website and so many easy and free tools available to create them. Check out just a few advantages for teachers and students at this site

WordPress and Edublog are great free ways to create a class blog. Check out these great examples of class blogs.

2KM And 2KJ @ Leopold Primary School  or Mrs Yollis’ Classroom Blog or Mr Avery’s Classroom Blog (I loved his Maths Movie Network)


Glogster is a blog with attitude. As they say – “Why Blog when you can Glog?” Glogster is easy to use and does all the usual blog type things but has very visual and funky format.

You can join as an individual or opt for an education account will allow you to have up to 200 student accounts which are all linked and private until you and the student choose to make it public.This image from “Librariantiff’s Photostream” is a great example. Have a look at this tutorial to find out more.

Weebly will enable you to make a blog but also possibly the simplest way to make a website. Very easy for kids to use.


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