On Line Publishing Tools


Here are some great sites that will enable your students to publish their work and create online books which can be viewed or printed out.


This is a great free site. Simply save your work as a PDF and upload it onto the site and Youblisher does the rest! So easy and it even has sound effects of a turning page.Click here to see a demonstration.


Zooburst is so much fun, it will turn your writing into a pop up book and it can even do 3D – how cool is that?

Click here to see an AMAZING video about how easy and stunning this site is.


This site is from the Carnegie Library and it actullly helps students make the book. It gives them a choice of characters, settings etc that they can put together in an infinate number of ways to make individual books….and it even helps with the sentences.

Check out the tutorial here.


A really interesting way for students to create and publish books. There are a huge number of images created by artists and grouped for easy selection. Students can use them as both illustrations and inspiration for their work. They can work individually or collaboratively and there is even a monthly writing challenge. It’s just a little bit different from the other publishing tools. The tutorial gives a peek at some of the possibilities.


This is a really cute way to create scrapbooks, collages etc with have so many creative possibilities for use in classrooms. What a great way to make a “digital scrapbook” to represent student learning. Best of all….it’s very easy. You can follow the simple instructions on the site.



Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 2.53.36 pmA lovely, simple site for making very snazzy online flyers.


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