A great animation program, simple to use with lots of special effects.

This is so much fun and a great authentic reading and writing task. You can create an animated show with an avatar you have created and it will  speak. This is where the reading and writing stuff happens because it will speak the words you write…how good is that? Try this tutorial.


Stop motion is an animation technique where the models are moved and photographed frame by frame. These frames are then assembled in sequence, creating the impression of movement. JellyCam is a simple program, you can download to create animations with a webcam -and it’s simple. Check out this youtube clip if you are interested in having a go.


Lets you create a speaking avatar by recording your voice or using a text to speech function and there are lots of educational resources that go along with it. The site has simple tutorials, lesson plans and more.


As they say “got a picture – blabberize it – you can make your pictures talk! You can upload a picture – select the mouth, record your narration and then it makes your picture talk – amazing and so much fun. Check out a tutorial here.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.50.59 pmANAMATA

This is a free site for creating high level animations – much like the animatronics we see in professional shows. It is a little complex but the results are stunning and would be very suitable for older students or passionate student film makers.Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.51.21 pm


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