Stuff for Librarians

Librarians are now more important than ever – they are the
ones who put the “Information” and “Communication” into I.C.T.

“The Time For Libraries is Now”  this is an extraordinary slideshare presentation similar to “Shift Happens”  based around the changing role of libraries and librarians – who have never been more important

Here are links to conversations from the Ed Tech Crew with two extraordinary librarians, who give powerful perspectives on the function and place of libraries in a digital world and the amazing resources they share on line.

Ed Tech Crew 166 – Searching the Web with Judy O’Connell

This link not only gives you the podcast but also links to
some extra ordinary resources.

Ed Tech Crew 172  Dr Joyce Valenza

Her school blog is an amazing resource – gota see this!

S.L.A.V. School Library Association of Victoria is an amazing site with HEAPs of great information – especially in the “Resources” – “Virtual School Library” section and even has examples of Library websites.

must have apps12 Technologies Changing Libraries for Ever

A great article from Edudemic that looks at the impact and potential of techology in the library. Short, but an important read.


Lucacept – Intercepting the Web, by Jenny Luca is chock full of great videos, ideas and thoughts to challenge and inspire.

The Daring Librarian

Great, actually amazing library ideas with an ICT focus.




20 Ways Libraries are using Pinterest Right Now – a great article with lots of ideas for using Pinterest in the library


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