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Online books to use with young readers.

There are lots of great sites that have free books that you can use with kids. They could be used for reading group activities or as shared reading on an interactive whiteboard. Suitable for readers from the very young onwards many include voices, read along and games. Here are 2 to try:


Is a wonderful site for young readers and features many books from digitised classics to specifically created stories. Great for read-along activities and it highlights the words read. It is available for use on computers or as an app for the Ipad or smart phone.To make it even more interesting you can even personalise the audio on some of the books.


TumbleBooks are brilliant. They are animated picture story books that feature fantastic telling of the stories and sound effects. You can read with or without the “talking” and there are games and all sorts of activities related to the book. TumbleBooks is available on line where you can access some books for free at their website but to get maximum benefit you need to pay to join up. However Hume Library can help. If you go through their site you can access all the TumbleBooks wonderful resources FREE.

readRead Write Think

This is the site of the International Reading Association and has an amazing amount of resources for teachers from Foundation to Year 12. Everything from classroom resources and lesson plans to lists of apps, games and projects…well worth a look.


Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.54.54 pmNews in Levels

This site is exactly what the title claims. Up to date news items from around the world but provided in three different readability levels. Sensational for differentiation. There are so many uses for this sort of levelled literature and they would be especially suited for guided and reciprocal reading, literature groups or in fact any time you want to build students general knowledge


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