Podcasts and Blogs


 The Ed Tech Crew.This one is my favourite. Daryl Branson and Tony Richards, two local Victoria guys, with lots of really relevant, useful information, interviews  and links.

The Virtual Staffroom.  The title explains it all. Designed to be like teachers talking to teachers – “Leading teachers talking about using technology in the classroom”.

Ted Talks. This one probably needs no introduction. A collection of the great minds of our time talking about ideas and issues of significance  – truely “ideas worth spreading”!



Blog For Your LIfe by Rob Sbaglia from Castlemaine North Primary School is a great blog about blogging, with lots of ideas and hints


Learning in Hand. This site and the podcasts by Tony Vincent have heaps of “hands on” (ha ha) ideas for using IPods and IPads in the classroom.

IPod in Education.  A great site by David Baugh with lots of information about using IPods and Itunes for learning.

iPads for Learning. This is the education department of Victoria’s website for all things to do with using iPads in the classroom, including suggested apps and classroom tips and ideas.

Slide2Learn. This Ning has  an amazing collection of resources for using the iPad created as a result of the 2010 “Slide 2 Learn” conference


Teaching With Smartboards. This is a brilliant web site and series of podcasts by Scott Miller and David Sladkey. They talk about how to use IWBs for teaching and each week give a lot of tips and tricks but most importantly they actually give a “lesson” using the IWB. This includes the templates which can be downloaded and then adapted to a heap of different uses. While they are secondary maths teachers there are other subjects covered too.

Technology in Teaching podcasts by Chris Best are available at the ITunes website also has a heaps of great stuff for using the IWB but with a more primary focus


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