If you are a virtuoso in your use of ICT in your classroom you might like to try some of these tools and resources.



Collecting & Processing information

You  might  like to try:The great mind mapping tools at ”Free Mind”Subscribe to blogs or Twitter.

Work with collaborative partners using video conferencing technology such as Skype.

Try Dropbox   to organise your work or to collaborate with others

Consider the oportunities that 3D or  Virtual worlds provide. Perhaps Moshimonsters for young students, Quest Atlantis,  Active Worlds,  Open Sim or Teen Second Life for those a bit older

Explore the potential of gaming. Perhaps try the builkding game Minecraft”

Work with a social teaching and learning network like  -“Sophia”    where students can use tutorails made by other students or make their own to share.

Or harness the power of the “Khan Academy” For more information check out Salman Khan at the Ted Talks link 



Presenting & Sharing


You  might  like to try:

Search for ways to use the full potential of ICT in your practice

Lead a cross KLA or year level team to extend the use of ICT

Explore ways for ICT to create opportunities  or personalization and collaboration in learning

Model innovative practice

Form a group of students or teachers to extend and enrich the use of ICT in your school

Develop and share innovative and creative uses of ICT to other teachers within and outside your school

Explore way to make learning a 24/7 opportunity

Improve your personal learning network through resources such as:

For Diigo Links


Elluminate Interviews