ICT & ME – Digital Capacity Rubric










THE MIRROR – what I am thinking. I know ICT is out there but there is so much that it is hard to know where to begin. I can use ICT for the things I need to do but I have other priorities for my professional development and practice I know ICT is a great tool for my teaching. I try some of the things I have learnt about at PD’s and use them in my classroom but I want to know so much more.Time is always a problem so I want to be strategic end efficient to benefit student learning I believe that ICT has fundamentally changed our world and the way we learn and teach.  I know ICT has transformed our world and has done the same for learning and teaching. I provide leadership within the learning community
IN MY CLASSROOM  I never or rarely use ICT in my classroom I am experimenting with using ICT in my classroom.  I use many of the programs that are on my computer, such as word and PowerPoint /Keynote and search for information using Google and YouTube. I integrate ICT into many areas of my practice to support student learning in a variety of learning task to collect, process and present information.I would like to harness the power of the web to work more collaboratively  ICT is an integral part of all areas of my practice to support student learning to collect, process and present information.My class works collaboratively on the web and I regularly share my work there. 
My Learning I have never or rarely attended professional development in I.C.T. I have attended some PD in my school or external pd and conferences. I practice what I have learnt and apply in my work. I use a variety of means to extend my learning in ICT such as conferences, webinars and podcasts then practice and apply these new learnings in my work. I recognise that ICT has changed the way I learn. I now learn “anywhere & anytime”.I actively search for ways to continually improve my practice and develop my skills and knowledge.I use conferences, webinares, subscribe to podcasts or use social networking such as Facebook and Twitter.I place work on the web to share with others.